Terms and Conditions

1. ALL Clients:

1.  Must have completed a Rider Registration Form before riding a horse.

2.  Must resubmit their Rider Registration Form if their details change. (the responsibility falls to the Parent/Guardian if the child is under 18).

3.  We reserve the right to refuse you to ride a particular horse/pony if we feel that the safety of the rider or horse is in question.

2. Punctuality and Arrival Times: 

1.  Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson/ hack /pony ride to allow time for hat fitting.

2.  If you are late, we unfortunately cannot make that time up as other clients will be waiting for their lessons to start on time.

3.  If we are late for whatever reason we will make up your lesson/hack time.

3. New Clients:

1.  Are required to attend a mandatory Assessment/Introduction Lesson before being allowed to book anything else. This allows us to ascertain your riding level.

2.  All Clients Rules Apply.

4. Payments:

1.  All Bookings Require Payment in Advance. (by cheque or cash only)

2.  It is a condition of booking that you accept our No Refund Policy.

3.  If you fail to turn up, you will be required to pay in full.

5. Cancellations:

1.  We operate a No Refund Policy. This is a condition of booking.
2.  No Credit or Transfers are Given for late cancellations.
3.  Late Cancellations = Less than 7 Days Notice
4.  See our Bad Weather Policy

6. Instructors:

1.Naomi Rowley reserve the right to refuse to teach a client for any reason.

7. Bad Weather or Conditions:

1.  Activities might be cancelled in extreme weather.

2.  You should call us on 07932 330756 before you leave for the center if the weather is in doubt.

3. Riding might be cancelled when the following weather or conditions are occuring:

  • Heavy Snow
  • Heavy Rain and/or Flooding
  • Hurricane Force Winds
  • Electrical Storms.

4.  We reserve the right to cancel riding because of bad weather at any time. Managements decision is final.

8. Vouchers Purchases and Redemption:

1.  It's a condition of purchase that: 

* The intended rider has no Medical conditions that require doctors approval.
* The intended rider meets our Height / Weight Guidelines: Maximum Weight 14 Stone at 6ft or Higher

2.  The Purchaser and Intended rider acknowledge and agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions 

3.  Vouchers are Valid for 365 Days. No Refunds Available.

4.  All bookings are subject to availability.


All animals are unpredictable, Do Not Feed the Horses & Ponies at any time. Don't enter any field, box or make contact with a Horse or Pony at any time, without prior authorisation from a member of Management.

10. Regular Riders Club:

1.  Receive discounts (as listed in our Pricelist) by agreeing to ride every week or fortnight at the same time or more until they leave the club.

2.  If you're a RRC (Regular Riders Club) rider, all additional riding you take part in (except your primary booking) is discounted to Club rate.

3.  You're only entitled to these prices while you're a Regular Riders Club member. Riding weekly throughout the year.

4.  You're not entitled to this discount if you leave the club system.

5.  Membership Runs from 1st April until April 31st of March next year.

6.  Two Weeks Notice required for Leaving the Club System

7.   Requires Payment in Blocks. A Block is a Month (which could be 4 or 5 weeks of payments at a time).

8.  This requires paying for the next month on the last booking of the current month.

11. Safety Equipment and Riding Wear:

P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment):

Every time you handle a horse you are required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.  

Riding Helmets (all types):

Should be PAS015 or BSEN138 standard (or better).

1. Must be worn and fastened at all times while handling and/or riding a horse.
2. Springhill Barn Riding have a supply of Riding Helmets available for riders, however we strongly advise all customers to purchase their own helmet as soon as possible.
3. Croft Pet Foods Ltd are kindly offering a discount of 10% off of their range of rider wear for Springhill Barn Riders. Please see Naomi Rowley for your discount card.
4. We recommend against purchasing second hand riding helmets in case they have been damanged.

Body Protectors:
1. We do not provide body protectors.
(Croft Pet Foods Ltd have a fitting service and have included body protectors in the Springhill Barn discount scheme)

2. We strongly recommend you wear one whenever riding. This is especially important if you take part in jumping classes

3. We recommend you wear one whenever handling a horse.

4. We recommend against purchasing second hand body protectors in case they have been damanged.

Riding Footwear:

Clients must wear appropriate footwear while riding.
Allowed Footwear:
1. Jodphur Boots
2. Riding Boots

Disallowed Footwear:
1. Trainers
2. High Heels
3. Sandals
4. Hiking Boots
5. We reserve the right to refuse footwear we deem unsafe

1. You should not wear Jewellery of any kind, anything you wear you do so at your own risk.
2. It's the parents responsibility to check their child isn't wearing jewellery.

12. Competing Springhill Barn Horses:

1. Regular Riders Club members are given priority to compete Springhill Barn Horses

2. Competition venues and dates will be pre set throughout the year.

3. Riders are to provide their own competition gear eg. Jackets, Jodpurs, Boots and Riding Helmet

4. Springhill Barn Riding will not provide Riding Helmets for use at competitions.

5. A timetable of the day detailing venue information, which horse you'll be riding, test timings etc will be made available prior to the event.

6. Riders must make their own way to the competition venue and are responsible for arriving in good time to warm the horse up.

7. Riders who arrive late for the competition may miss their class. Missed tests can not be rescheduled and will not be refunded.

8. Riders may have the opportunity to compete in more than one class subject to availability.

9. Competition packages are to be paid at the time of booking with Naomi Rowley.

10. Notification of Cancellation of a competition package must be given 7 days prior to the event.

13. Extra Visitors and/or Friends of the Family:

1.  Children must be supervised at all times by a legally responsible person.

2.  Parents are advised not to leave your children unattended at any time during their stay at Springhill Barn Riding.

3.  If spectating, please remain as quiet as possible, and in full view of the horses/ponies & Instructor at all times.

4.  Whilst spectating, the Instructor reserves the right to ask you to leave the Arena permimeter if they feel the safety of the rider or horse/pony is in question.

5.  Spectators are asked not to enter the arena during lessons.

14. Movement of Horses & Ponies and Farm Equipment:

Movement of Horses & Ponies and Farm Equipment around the yard and surrounding areas is unavoidable and we ask you to give way to them at all times.

15. Out of Bounds:

Whilst you are on site at Springhill Barn, you are welcome in the stabling barn, gravel area and the grass bank to the side of the arena however, you do so at your own risk:
The horse made available to you for your lesson will be waiting, tacked up, in its stable. Entering any stable without permission is strictly forbidden.

The following areas are out of bounds unless you have permission from Naomi Rowley:
1. Any Stable Boxes.
2. Tack Rooms.
3. Feed Rooms.
4. Sheds or other Buildings.
5. Fields or Paddocks.
6. House and it's Grounds.
7. Locked/Closed/Enclosed Areas or Buildings
8. Horse Trailers

16. Warning Signs:

We have many different warning signs all over the grounds, they are there for a reason, you must obey them. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the grounds at any time if we think you are a danger to yourself.

17. Smoking Policy:

We have a Strict No Smoking Policy, if you are caught you will be asked to leave.

18. Pets:

We don't allow any clients to bring their own pets onto the grounds/premises. (Guide Dogs are Allowed).

20. Vehicles:

We can't be held responsible for any damage to your transportation while on the premises/grounds.

21. Personal Property:

We can't be held responsible for Damage, Theft or Loss of your personal property while it's on the premises.


Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take all reasonable care to provide suitable and safe horses and ponies for all our clients. All animals can be Unpredictable. We strongly advise you to take out full personal accident cover.
Springhill Barn Riding cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any persons or their property whilst on these premises or whilst out hacking or competing.

23. Force Majeure:

1.  Neither Naomi Rowley or the client shall be responsible to the other party for any delay in performance due to any cause beyond reasonable control of either parties. The affected party shall immediately inform the other party of this occurence when it happens, stating that the occurence has happened and the affected party will take all action reasonably possible to remedy the situation and to comply with the terms of this agreement.

2.   In the event that the Force Majeure shall continue for more than a continuous period of 21 days, then the party not in default shall be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Neither Naomi Rowley or the client will have any liability against the other in respect of this termination arising as a result of the force majeure.

24. Agreement of Terms:

If you do not agree with any of Terms and Conditions, then you do not have permission to enter the premises and any bookings are null and void. Our no Cancellation Policy applies in this situation as well because our Terms and Conditions are available online and on request at any time. As such you have every opportunity to read them before booking any activty and a refund will not be available on failure to accept them.

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